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harmonica pete

Birds can be one of the toughest mounts to recreate. The best way to understand a good bird mount is to look at a real bird or photos of live birds and compare...

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USFWS Mountain Prairie

Fish taxidermy has come a long way in the last decade or so. However, not all taxidermists are familiar with these advances, nor use the reference materials so readily...

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Whether a full body or a shoulder mount, mammal taxidermy starts with good fleshing and tanning. Improper fleshing results in shrinkage and poor detail work...

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  • Field Care +

    Good taxidermy begins with good field care. Without a good specimen, there are problems before the work even begins. The skin begins to decay immediately upon death, so take care of your specimen as soon as possible. Keeping it cold slows this breakdown; freezing stops it. Always freeze specimens sealed in an airtight plastic bag to avoid damage by freezer burn. Fish Once landed, don't Read More
  • Mount Care +

    Dust your mounts frequently with a feather or fleece duster in the direction of the hair, fur or feathers. Don't be afraid to groom mammal mounts - hair often gets mussed up moving them. Smooth fur with fingers or with a dog brush. Eyes and noses may be kept clean with window cleaner and a Q-tip. Fish should be wiped with a damp rag. Occasional cleaning Read More
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WI State Taxidermist Competition

Taxidermists from around the state compete in different categories to be state champion. Feb 27-Mar 1, 2020 in Steven's Point, WI.


A fall competition and member meeting. August 7th to August 9th, 2020. in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.


Code of Conduct

  • We will not accept nor work on any trophy or material that appears to be in violation of legal statutes.
  • We will provide for safety and proper handling of specimens brought to us.
  • We will obtain and renew necessary licenses for the type of taxidermy we are doing.
  • We will maintain a clean and orderly shop that will be a credit to our profession.
  • We will clearly define rates for our services to clients before work is accepted.
  • We will, at all times, conduct our operation and services in an ethical and business-like manner.
  • We will not misrepresent our work to a customer, but will only display the work we are capable of doing.
  • We will not criticize other taxidermists, but will strive to be professional in every way.
  • We will not knowingly break any state or federal laws.
  • We will instruct clients about proper care of finished trophies to ensure lasting satisfaction.

Along with WTA's efforts to improve the taxidermy industry, the WTA works to inform the sporting public about what makes up quality taxidermy and what a person wanting a specimen mounted should be looking for. Volunteer members speak to classes, organizations, and clubs promoting WTA, taxidermy, conservation, and safety in the field.

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